Steering is when an insurance provider directs you the vehicle owner to get your vehicle repaired at a specific repair facility. Insurance company’s will also steer you away from a specific repair facility. This practice is in violation of Louisiana law, yet it is done every day, they skirt the law with certain word scripts like, “We don’t guarantee their work”, “the repairs will cost more there”, “claims will take longer to process there. As insurance companies try to drive consumers to their (DRP) direct repair shop or preferred shops in exchange for a high volume of insurance company referrals, DRP or preferred shops will agree to use aftermarket, imitation, or junkyard parts. Aftermarket and imitation parts have not received any crash test to verify there performance compared to (OEM) original manufacturer parts. Junkyard/salvage parts are being removed from vehicles that have sustained enough damage to be declared a total loss, and again there is no inspection/testing to verify there integrity has is still in tact. These parts can compromise the structural integrity and the SAFETY systems on your vehicle. These repair shops are also pressured to cycle vehicles quickly to keep rental cost down.