Auto body repair warranty

NTLW Warranty

We want you to have the peace of mind that the auto body repair warranty is in effect for the entire time you own your vehicle. In addition, we take it a step further as we have partnered with the NTLW to offer a Nationwide Transferable Lifetime Warranty. Our warranty is very simple. In other words, if any problems arise with our workmanship let us know right away and we will make necessary repair or adjustments with as little inconvenience to you as possible. In addition, we will also assist with the warranties of any parts used in theĀ  repair of your vehicle. So other than normal wear, we have you covered. How does the warranty affect resale value? Most body shops warranties become void when you sell or trade your vehicle.

By selecting a NTLW certified shop the warranty can transfer to the new owner ensuring a higher vehicle resale value, the only requirment to transfer to a new owner is Frank’s Accurate Body Shop must be notified of the new owner within 30 days, Yep that’s it.What if you move? Most shops only offer a local warranty…Should you relocate you won’t have warranty coverage. Choosing a NTLW shop ensures you’re covered nationwide. What if i change insurance companies? Changing insurance companies will often result in canceled warranty coverage if repaired thru their network shops.

The NTLW insures you have coverage no matter who your insured thru. NTLW bonded warranty, Every year shops are sold or go out of business causing vehicles warranties to be voided. The NTLW insures and bonds every vehicle repaired at Frank’s Accurate Body Shop to protect your investment and ensure your warranty coverage lives on. Backed and insured, By selecting an NTLW shop you’re choosing a repair center that has met the stringent guidelines. The NTLW backs and insures Frank’s Accurate Body Shop to provide you with a Nationwide Transferable Lifetime Warranty.