Choosing the Best Auto Body Repair Shop

Tesla pre repair
Tesla post repair
Frank’s Accurate Body Shop is the leading auto body repair shop in south Louisiana. For instance, take a look what previous customers had to say about their experience with us on Carwise and our Google. Choosing the best body shop is essential to protecting the safety of your vehicle, and to protecting your long term economic interest. We work with all insurance companies. However you are our customer and we are here to serve you.
Know it is your choice what auto body repair shop repairs your vehicle. If your insurance adjuster’s initial estimate comes up different than our estimate, or if you find that there are supplemental estimates after your vehicle is disassembled and closely inspected, Don’t be alarmed. Keep in mind this is all part of the process of reaching a comprehensive assessment of the damage to your vehicle. This process assures that you drive away in a safe vehicle that performs the same way it did prior to the accident.
In addition, we can help answer questions about this process. Therefore, you can make an informed decision when choosing an auto body repair shop. We have the equipment approved by vehicle manufactures. In addition, our technicians have advanced training. Trust we have what it takes to perform safe quality collision repairs. In addition, we use quality materials in the repair process. Click here to learn more ABOUT us. Don’t forget that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our work!
Autobody structure

Vehicle Structure

Modern auto body structure is made of complex materials. As shown is this photo by the different types of materials. In addition, this can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Therefore, research must be done on every vehicle before auto body repairs are performed. For instance, Where the different materials are located, What is the procedure in replacing them. Above all, can they be repaired or not.  The structure is designed to divert crash energy away from the occupants. In addition, auto body repair facilities must adhere to repair procedures. For instance, If not followed the vehicle is being re engineered. A vehicle granted a 5 star safety rating originally. However, this may no longer be the case if the procedures are not adhered to. Auto body structure is designed to sacrifice it’s self to save you.

Subaru nearing completion of Auto Body repairs in the Spray Booth.

State-Of-The-Art Automotive Refinish Technology

The auto body refinish process is performed in our Garmat heated down draft spray booth. We designed it larger than typical sized booths. For instance, the typical size is 14×28, ours is 16×34. In other words, this allows us space to paint panels off the vehicle. This unit has a 1.5 million BTU heating and baking unit. Therefore, we can maintain a constant temperature and humidity level achieving a durable finish every time. Above all, a clean controlled environment is critical to producing the perfect paint finish on your vehicle.

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