Camaro Rear End Auto Body Collision with Poor Unsafe Repairs

Camaro Repair

This Camaro came to us after the owner notice things just did not look correct after having autobody collision repairs performed. In addition, it was having tire wear issues. After we performed an alignment analysis we discover the toe setting on the lt rear wheel was completely out of spec. The point of impact was on the left rear of the vehicle. After doing some disassemble we discovered numerous counts of fraud, The rear body panel, left taillamp pocket, bumper absorber, were items that the owner was charged for new parts.

However, the autobody repair shop repaired the damaged parts. Not only did they defraud the owner, but they placed them in danger. The part referred to as the rear body panel is a structural part of the vehicle, it was severely damaged by the impact. therefore, at this point, it has done its job by absorbing crash energy. By this autobody repair shop repairing this severely damaged part, they have re-engineered the structure of the vehicle. Therefore, if the vehicle is in a subsequent collision it will not absorb crash energy as it was designed to, which could lead to possible injured occupants. Your vehicle is a large investment, Poor repairs greatly diminish the value of a vehicle. Protect your investment by choosing a qualified autobody repair shop if you are in need of repairs.