(FREE) First Responders Emergency Extrication Hosted By Frank’s Accurate Body Shop


Provide Life-Saving Extrication Practice On Late Model Vehicles

Frank’s Accurate Body Shop was honored to host the NABC FREE event. The NABC First Responder Emergency Extrication™ Program helps saves lives by providing firefighters and first responders with rare opportunities to practice and hone their skills specifically on late-model vehicles with lighter weight, high-strength steels, sophisticated electronics, and multiple airbag systems.

Advances in technology have made today’s vehicles much safer for passengers but first responders often face challenges preventing further injuries to accident victims or themselves due to the complexities of the new technology. Knowing specifically where and how to efficiently cut and extricate can make the difference in saving precious minutes and lives as well as the safety of the first responders.

The NABC F.R.E.E.™ program is a collaborative effort by collision repair facility, insurance companies that donate salvage vehicles and one of the NABC™ rescue partners which provides expert instructors and equipment to facilitate the event.