Tesla Certified Auto Body Shop

Frank’s Accurate Body Shop became a Tesla certified body shop as the need for qualified shops increased. Tesla’s are amazing vehicles designed from the ground up. In addition, the Model S achieves a 5-star rating in all categories. Tesla vehicle body structure design incorporates the best in advanced structural materials. However, Accidents do happen and rest assured that Tesla certified Body Shops have been factory trained.  Above all, maintaining structural integrity and safety. In addition, we offer a life time warranty! on our workmanship.

Tesla certified body shop

Subaru Certified Auto Body Shop

Frank’s Accurate Body Shop was the 1st Subaru certified collision shop in Louisiana. Accidents are unfortunate and unpredictable. However, if your Subaru is involved in one, choosing where to have it repaired can make all the difference moving forward. Subaru Certified Collision Centers provide the proper training and equipment necessary to restore your vehicle to its original factory specifications. For instance, the ability to accurately re-calibrate the components of Subaru EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology. In addition, They also use Genuine Subaru Collision Parts for replacement. In conclusion, knowing your Subaru is returned to like-new condition along with the protective capabilities that kept you safe in the first place.

Subaru certified collision auto body repair

Nissan Certified Auto Body Shop

You have the right to choose where and how your vehicle is repaired. Only Nissan Certified Collision Centers have been validated by Nissan. In other words, they have the tools, training, and knowledge to repair your vehicle properly. To keep your Nissan performing as designed, request only new Genuine Nissan Parts. In addition, ​Nissan offers complimentary collision towing for ALL Nissan vehicles regardless of model year or warranty status. It’s how Nissan takes care of you as an owner. Follow this link for details on free towing to a certified Nissan auto body repair shop.

Nissan certified auto body shop

Profirst Honda/Acura Certified Auto Body Shop

Frank’s Accurate Body Shop has received Acura / Honda-specific training. For instance, the training provides Acura/Honda-specific information about specific repair procedures, manufacturer’s position statements relative to vehicle repair. In addition, hybrid electric and alternative fuel vehicle repair considerations. In conclusion, when you need auto body collision repair, always consider a ProFirst Honda/Acura certified body shop.

ProFirst auto body repair

(FCA) Fiat, Chrysler Automobiles Certified

Frank’s Accurate Body Shop is certified by (FCA)  Fiat, Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Chrysler. We have had the honor as a certified shop to tour several (FCA) plants. In addition, some R&D development areas. After that, we walked away with a huge knowledge advantage of vehicle construction. Above all, repair methodology. In conclusion, there are approximately thirty five thousand body shops across the US. However, only about 10% of them are certified auto body repair shops.

Dodge- Ram-Chyrsler-certified-autobody-shop

Infinity Certified Auto Body Shop

After an accident everyone wants their Infinity returned to like new condition. Therefore, choosing a  Certified Collision Center could be an important choice. Frank’s Accurate Body Shop has meet those requirements. For instance, listed below are some advantages of selecting a certified auto body shop.

  • Adherence to Infinity’s strict repair standards
  • Technicians trained to Infinity’s factory methods and requirements
  • Compliance with all vehicle warranties
  • Accountability to maintain standards and compliance in both technology, equipment, and repair performance
  • Peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in professional hands
Infinity certified

Ford Approved Auto Body Shop

The Ford National Body Shop Network wants to ensure that customers are completely satisfied. In addition, that shops around the United States have the training and equipment necessary to repair your Ford vehicle. For instance, the all-aluminum Ford F-series pickups. In conclusion, know that Frank’s Accurate Body Shop meets those requirements.

Ford recognized body shop

General Motors Certified Auto Body Shop

The GM certified network is designed to drive customer satisfaction. Above all, customer safety. We put the customer at the center when we designed the Repair Network. nothing is more important than knowing they can trust the repair shop. Above all, trusting the safety and integrity of their vehicle when  returned. It’s more important than ever to complete safe and proper repairs. In conclusion, Frank’s Accurate Body Shop is committed to performing safe and proper repairs.

GM certified

"We take the DENTS out of accidents"