The Difference Between Quality Repairs and Poor-Quality Repairs

Tesla Certified

Check out our video below. We received two beautiful Tesla’s in our shop recently. One had already had a previous wreck and sadly it showed. We took advantage of having both vehicles in the shop to show the difference between quality repairs and poor-quality repairs. Never fall for the line, “All body shops are the same.” At Frank’s Accurate Body Shop, we believe in providing the best quality, while others believe in getting the job done for as fast and as cheap as possible.

Our first vehicle is a first time quarter panel replacement. We have changed the back quarter panel and it is ready to be sent to paint. As you can see the joints have been replaced, look closely and you can also see on the inside where we welded it and how it has the required rivets. When we back up you can see it has been painted and looks original.

Let’s look at our second vehicle, we can see that someone has replaced this quarter panel before. I don’t really know who or any history behind it. We can tell it’s a new panel but it’s full of body filler. When we get in closer, you can see the crack in the panel and how thick the body filler is. The video makes it hard to see, but the texture of the vehicle is not really pretty and if you look at the joints of the vehicle. It almost looks like a five- year-old has done this seam sealer. When we pan back to our first vehicle, you can see more of the factory seam and what it should look like. Going back to look at ours compared to the factory, you can see we have matched the texture of the sealer as closely as humanly possible. Comparing the factory, to ours and this second replacement you can see how sloppy and ugly their sealer looks.

Sadly, it gets even uglier with this car. Let’s take a look at the inside of the back quarter panel. Looking at the inside of this panel you can see where all of the body filler is. You can also see that there’s all kinds of burn marks from a tool of welding studs on it. They were likely pulling on the panel and they’ve made holes and that is the body filler seeping through the holes. Looking towards the top of the panel you can see where the panel was welded on. If you look closely you can see what is called well burn damage. If this is left unattended, this can become a corrosion hotspot.

Let’s go over painting a vehicle with a quarter panel. If you take a look at ours you will notice we have removed the doors and fender. The reason being is there is no breakpoint on this vehicle. It is continuous. From the back of the car to the rocker and back to the corner there are no breaks. We have a picture in our video to show you what a car in our paint booth looks like. You can see the vehicle is masked properly and the doors are removed. Now our second vehicle you can tell that they did not do that. We have masking paper here to demonstrate how they replaced the panel and did something called jamming it out, they painted the internal jams. Then they masked it with a piece like this, closed the door and painted the exterior of the panel. The problem with that is, if you look closely, it leaves this ugly trace of paint edge. Which makes it blatantly obvious it’s been repaired. Which greatly affects the value of the vehicle.

A Lot of insurance companies tell our customers we overcharge and we’re expensive. We are probably not the cheapest option out there, but we do everything in our power to provide a safe and proper repair that looks like it never happened. Looking at this second vehicle, anyone with any type of auto body knowledge and look and see that it has been repaired and was repaired poorly. This was probably repaired by a shop that considers the insurance company as a customer and kept the cost as low as possible. Which only shorts you as the vehicle owner. I hope this gives you a little explanation of the difference in cost between a cheaper repair to a more costly repair. When done right it takes more effort of labor and materials to do a quality repair, but your car is left as good as new.