Subaru Prior Unsafe AutoBody Collision Repairs Discovered

This Subaru came in to us with moderate rear end autobody collision damage. In addition, evidence of a prior repair was found. After disassembled of the vehicle, we then found some really poor quality repairs that make this vehicle unsafe. Above all, the structural integrity of this vehicle has been weakened. In other words,  a direct impact to this area it would not protect the occupants as the vehicle was designed to do. Therefore, possible injuring the occupants.

There are many issues with this prior repair. However, aside from not following the repair procedures, the welding and corrosion protection are two of the largest. When viewing the video look at the number of missing welds. In addition, look at the poor quality of the welds that were performed. In conclusion, your vehicle is likely the second largest investment you will make. Before you hand over the keys to a repair shop, Contact us on how to find a qualified collision repair shop. Please do some research!! Your safety may depend on it

Camaro Rear End Autobody Collision with Poor Unsafe Repairs

This Camaro came to us after the owner notice things just did not look correct after having autobody collision repairs performed. In addition, it was having tire wear issues. After we performed an alignment analysis we discover the toe setting on the lt rear wheel was completely out of spec. The point of impact was on the left rear of the vehicle. After doing some disassemble we discovered numerous counts of fraud, The rear body panel, left taillamp pocket, bumper absorber, were items that the owner was charged for new parts.

However, the autobody repair shop repaired the damaged parts. Not only did they defraud the owner, but they placed them in danger. The part referred to as the rear body panel is a structural part of the vehicle, it was severely damaged by the impact. therefore, at this point it has done its job by absorbing crash energy. By this autobody repair shop repairing this severely damaged part, they have re engineered the structure of the vehicle. Therefore, if the vehicle is in a subsequent collision it will not absorb crash energy as it was designed to, which could lead to possible injured occupants. Your vehicle is a large investment, Poor repairs greatly diminish the value of a vehicle. Protect your investment by choosing a qualified autobody repair shop if you are in need of repairs.

(FREE) First Responders Emergency Extrication Hosted By Frank’s Accurate Body Shop

Provide Life-Saving Extrication Practice On Late Model Vehicles

Frank’s Accurate Body Shop was honored to host the NABC FREE event. The NABC First Responder Emergency Extrication™ Program helps saves lives by providing firefighters and first responders with rare opportunities to practice and hone their skills specifically on late model vehicles with lighter weight, high strength steels, sophisticated electronics and multiple airbag systems.

Advances in technology have made today’s vehicles much safer for passengers but first responders often face challenges preventing further injuries to accident victims or themselves due to the complexities of the new technology. Knowing specifically where and how to efficiently cut and extricate can make the difference in saving precious minutes and lives as well as the safety of the first responders.

The NABC F.R.E.E.™ program is a collaborative effort by collision repair facility, insurance companies that donate salvage vehicles and one of the NABC™ rescue partners which provides expert instructors and equipment to facilitate the event.


Free event at franks abs

FREE event

2019 Paducah Big Brown Truck Pull

Frank’s Accurate Body Shop met up with other collision shop owners from around the country to benefit Special Olympics last summer.  The Big Brown Truck Pull is exactly what it sounds like.  Teams of 15 pulled a UPS 18 wheeler 12 feet while being time.  The fastest team got the win and bragging rights!  The event was extra special to us, as our friends and fellow shop owners, Brad and Kyle were heavily involved with this project.  Their brother David participates in the Special Olympics each year and this event raises a large sum of money to sponsor those games.  Each team was allowed to choose one athlete to join their team and we of course chose David.  David is incredibly funny and is a joy to be around, not mention crazy strong!!  While we did not have the fastest time, we did win most team spirit and I took home the honor of top fundraiser, but more importantly, we helped our friends raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics.  What better way to spend and afternoon!!

big brown truck pull

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