Subaru Prior Unsafe Auto Body Collision Repairs Discovered

Unsafe Poor Repairs

This Subaru came in to us with moderate rear end damage. In addition, we found evidence of a prior repair. Once we disassembled the vehicle, we then found some really poor quality repairs that make this vehicle unsafe. Above all, the structural integrity of this vehicle has been weakened. In other words, if there was a direct impact to this area it would not protect the occupants as the vehicle was designed to do.

Therefore, possibly injuring the occupants. There are many issues with this prior repair. However, aside from not following the repair procedures, the welding and corrosion protection are two of the largest. When viewing the video look at the number of missing welds. In addition, look at the poor quality of the welds that were performed. In conclusion, your vehicle is likely the second largest investment you will make. Before you hand over the keys to a repair shop, Please do some research!! Your safety may depend on it.